What is Adipex?

It is a psycho stimulant drug for weight loss, similar to amphetamine, that has been FDA approved to help you lose weight faster. Adipex is the brand name of Phentermine.

Adipex is a prescription diet pill manufactured by GATE Pharmaceuticals. The company has been producing Adipex since 1990. You can buy Adipex in tablet or capsule form. The tablets are white and blue, oblong in shape and each one is labeled “ADIPEX-P” and “9″-”9″. You get 30 tablets per bottle. The capsules are opaque blue on one end and opaque white on the other. Each Adipex capsule is imprinted with two dark blue stripes on the white end and “ADIPEX-P” – “37.5″. There are 100 capsules per bottle.

It is important to know what the Adipex pills look like to ensure you are getting the real product. When you buy Adipex from a drug store or pharmacy, like you should, then you don’t have to worry too much about fakes. However, some pharmacists may try to give you a generic brand instead of the real brand name product.

Generic Adipex brands are usually less powerful than the brand name ones, and may not give you the desired results. Plus, they may contain some ingredients you are allergic to. If your doctor prescribes Adipex, make sure that brand name is what you are getting.

What is Adipex with Phentermine?

Phentermine is a main ingredient in Adipex. It controls the neurotransmitters that send certain signals to your brain. By doing so, it tricks the brain into thinking you are full, suppressing your appetite. At the same time it also works outside of the brain, releasing adrenaline. This helps to break down fat deposits and give you more energy.

When combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, you will lose weight faster than with diet and exercise alone.

The chemical composition is similar to that found in amphetamines, which means that you can become addicted if taken for certain period of time. Ideally, you would only take Adipex diet pills for a few weeks. Even then, your body could become dependent on the drug and stopping suddenly could cause you to have serious withdrawal symptoms. Your doctor will usually take you off the medication slowly by gradually reducing your dosage to prevent this from happening.

Where to get Adipex?

You should only buy Adipex from a drug store or pharmacy, with a prescription signed by a certified medical doctor. Buying online without a prescription is illegal, and dangerous.

Are there Adipex non prescription alternatives?

One option you do have is to buy an alternative – PhenObestin 37.5. It is made with natural, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that have similar purpose, yet it is safer. Plus, you can legally buy PhenObestin online.